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theta healing hypnosis | online

Theta healing is one of the fastest and most potent healing modalities ONLINE known in 2023. 

Are you always stuck in toxic relationships and continue to attract the same types of romantic partners that end? Have you been to therapy and worked on the same things but never seen the desired results?

In your subconscious mind, you carry perceptions, patterns, and habits that need to be acknowledged, and converged to a higher octave.

Theta healing may help improve all areas of your life. Some people refer to is as the source of all that is, consciousness, God, Goddess, etc. 

During our session, we use the theta brainwave hypnosis – the same as QHHT. The conscious mind relaxes so we can access the subconscious mind, to heal our past drama, trauma, attitudes, and perceptions.

As I listen to your goal and desired result for this session, I address your different beliefs and programs that are standing in the way of you reaching your full potential. 

I will use my intuitive abilities to honor your desired results. We repolarize and converge negative patterns, beliefs, and blockages, to positive feelings, beliefs, and thoughts that will allow you to create your life a masterpiece. The session dialogue is your alchemical DNA healing. 

While it may take several weeks to fully integrate changes, clients may experience immediate relief such as a sense of calmness or feeling like a weight is lifted off of the shoulders. 

theta healing hypnosis benefits

Some – but not limited to results:

  • Releasing resentments
  • Releasing fears
  • Release rejection
  • Release anger
  • Release unwanted and/or unhealthy patterns
  • Release self-doubt
  • Release perfectionism
  • Attract a compatible partner
  • Person freedom


Dr. Eivor G Johansson Ph.D. CHt. QHHT®p. AMp. NLPp.

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